Absolent Air Care Group consists of nine key brands that provide a wide range of air cleaning solutions to help customers worldwide ensure the air in their facilities is clean and safe to breathe. This includes effective particle and gas removal solutions for customers in industries ranging from Aerospace, Automotive, Battery Production, Medical, to Food Processing and high-end restaurants.

Group brands include:


Established in 1993, Absolent AB’s premium oil smoke, oil mist and dust filters can be used as stand-alone units or ducted into central systems. Absolent focuses on providing innovative, high quality and customized air cleaning solutions to customers in a wide range of industries


Bristol designs and manufactures a range of individual and modular electrostatic and mechanical filters used to remove oil mist, smoke and fume from the air in industrial workplaces. The company offers standard filters and bespoke solutions designed to meet the exact requirements of its customers.


Diversitech has designed and manufactured air and dust pollution control equipment for a variety of industries and applications since 1984 – helping to maintain a safe working environment by effectively capturing smoke, dust and fume particles.


Dustcheck wet and dry dust collectors and venting filters were first manufactured in 1978. All Dustcheck filters come with ATEX rated options and can also be built to comply with Dangerous Substances and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR) if required.


Filtermist’s compact, centrifugal oil mist collectors have been trusted by world leading manufacturers to remove oil and coolant mist, fume and steam from workshop air since 1969 – protecting people by ensuring cleaner, safer, more productive working environments.






  • Kerstar

Kerstar’s robust, portable industrial vacuum cleaners were first developed in 1959. The range includes ATEX rated models, vacuums for hazardous dusts, and units designed specifically to remove excess swarf and coolant from machining operations.


The Group also has a dedicated Commercial Kitchens division that specialises in removing grease, smoke, vapor and odors from the air in commercial and catering kitchens. Brands in this division include:


AirMaid products use unique technology to effectively remove odors and grease in industrial and professional applications including commercial kitchens, water treatment plants, and manufacturing facilities.


Jeven has developed and manufactured high-quality systems, modern kitchen hoods and efficient grease filters for professional kitchens since 1989 – helping to promote staff well-being, improve profitability and increase the energy efficiency of the building.


Tessu Systems has more than 30 years’ experience of providing air treatment systems for professional catering kitchens – this can include individual extraction systems or bespoke, custom made installations.


The breadth of expertise that can be found in Absolent Air Care Group means customers can access the ideal solution for their specific extraction and ventilation requirements – whether that’s industrial extraction for production facilities, or kitchen ventilation for large-scale catering operations.


The Group has a central management team supported by regional teams in Europe, the UK, APAC and the Americas, which are all dedicated to delivering excellent customer service across all Group businesses through an unswerving focus on continuous improvement and operational excellence.


Find out more about Absolent Air Care Group by visiting www.absolentgroup.com